The Robbins Nest Facility Regulations and Procedures

Crowd Control

The maximum allowable capacity is 200 persons. The responsible party must be present during the entire rental period. Locations of activities and all activity types within The Robbins Nest must be approved by Ana Leon prior to the event. If more than 50 vehicles are expected, valet parking provided by the renter is strongly encouraged as pairing capabilities (egress and ingress) are the responsibility of the renter during the rental period.

Food & Beverage

  • Alcohol is allowed only if no minors are served. The responsible party and all event coordinators hold complete responsibility for observance of all laws of Bulloch County.
  • All Trash (including cigarette butts & decorations), indoor and outdoors, must be removed within the rental period, unless you have purchased an additional maintenance agreement with your rental that includes all clean-up services. This must be arranged at the time of your rental request with Ana Leon.
  • No smoking at any time indoors. For outdoor events, smoking is permitted, but containers must be provided for butts by the renter.  Cigarette butts on the ground must be picked up and removed with other trash.
  • For catered events, setup and cleanup time must be included within your rental time.
  • Use of any facility supplies without prior approval is prohibited. All missing items will be changed to the user.
  • Grills without open flames are permitted for cooking outdoors only. No fires or open-pit barbecues are permitted at any time. 


  • All items taken outdoors (tables, chairs, etc) are to be replaced indoors by the renter.
  • All items brought onto the property  (rented or otherwise) including tents; tables, furniture, etc must be removed from the property by the renter in the rental period.
  • Delivery and setup of items such as chairs, tables, and tents must be coordinated with Ana Leon prior to your event. Other scheduled robbins Nest activities may prohibit the setup and delivery of these items the day of your event. Any and all deliveries prior to the date of the event must be approved within the normal operating hours of the Robbins Nest by Ana Leon.
  • The renter will be held responsible for any damaged or stolen plant material, signage, or other Robbins Nest property.
  • All tables and chairs must be placed back in their storage area.
  • Decorations are not permitted to be taped, glued, stapled, nailed, etc to walls, furniture, buildings, the gazebo, trees, and plants or otherwise. This includes all indoor and outdoor decor. All decorations must be removed and properly disposed of by the renter.
  • Displays on The Robbins Nest property (Indoors or outdoors) may not be touched or altered in any way. 
  • Any decor containing candies or open flames must be approved by the Fire Marshall prior to your event and must stay within all fire safety codes as outlined by that Fire Marshall during your rental period.


  • All participants, attendees and vehicles must vacate the Robbins nest property within the rental period. The Robbins Nest reserves the right to tow any vehicles remaining on the property after the end of your rental period.
  • Noise extending beyond the boundaries of the Robbins Nest is subject to the Noise Control regulations of the City of Statesboro.
  • In case of an emergency, the responsible party is required to contact or notify the proper authorities. In such an event, Ana Leon must be notified immediately as well.
  • The Robbins Nest is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For security reasons, it is recommended that items not be left outside overnight. 

Rental Rates

  • A security deposit as well as 50% of your total rental fee is required to reserve The Robbins Nest for the date requested. This deposit will be returned by mail, after the event if no damage has occurred and all clean was according to agreement. Payment of the remaining 50% of your total rental fee must be received no later than 30 days prior to your event. Failure to pay the entire rental fee will result in cancellation of your reservation and forfeiture of any money paid, including your security deposit. 
  • Cancellation for any reason will result in forfeiture of the entire rental fee and security deposit.
  • Please note that if you are planning a Saturday wedding (for example), a Friday rental of the property is required in addition to host a rehearsal of any kind.

Clean Up

  • Food, trash, and other items must be removed by the renter prior to the end of the rental period. All tables and chairs must be returned to their storage area by the end of the rental period unless you have purchased the additional services. Additional services are: set up tables with a diagram provided by the renter $100, and remove and store tables and chairs back in their proper storage area after an event is $100.
  • No rice, bird seed or rose petals are to be left behind inside or outside.
  • Any damages to the interior or exterior of the facility will result in charges for the damages incurred.